The Asteroid Project

My name is Damian Marley, and I am not the son of Bob, and Bob's not me uncle. I am, however, a teacher-hubby-dad-nerdbomber type person from Melbourne, Australia. Astronomy, space, science, books, filmmaking, education and music are some of the things I bang on about. Most stuff I post is original. And you?



He stands there, steady, quiet and still.

They rant and rage. They have their fill.

Then utters he three words - that is all.

And piece by piece, their kingdom falls.

Got my tickets for Star Wars IV, V and VI and will probably cry (as always) at the end of The Empire Strikes Back.

Got my tickets for Star Wars IV, V and VI and will probably cry (as always) at the end of The Empire Strikes Back.

A Poem about ‘The Remains of the Day’


“I’m placing my thoughts elsewhere

While you chatter away,”

Said Mr Stevens, with a smile,

In The Remains of the Day.

He’s moving the dustpan,

And dusting the eaves -

But please kiss Miss Kenton,

Mr Stevens - please.

She’s now in your study -

She’s giving you looks -

Kiss her, Mr Stevens,

Amongst your mantelpiece and books.


Bonfire tonight -
Burn up the old
Ring in the new




The force that attracts all objects to all other objects,

The result of the curvature of space-time -

Keep this tether

And manoeuvre when you need to

And be that spoon for me

And I’ll be yours 

Negative Frequency-Dependent Preferences


When too many people start following a fashion trend, 

the less valuable it becomes, 

and what was once considered trendy, 

starts to decline in popularity.

All of which is well and good, and explains the declined currency

in flared pants

and the constant shrubberish flux

in wanted/unwanted body hair.

But Friends, we are faced with a dire human tragedy

of astounding proportions:

for male business suits,

along with that modern-day painted phallus, the tie,

are no longer regarded as a fashion trend.

Sadly: more men are wearing them than ever before

and the difference between them all is as negligible

as the singularity at the bottom of a Black Hole

where physics no longer has any meaning.

Even the modern-day painted phallus

is often the same shade of Blue. With stripes.

And it’s not even that shade 

which Dulux Paints would probably call

Evolutionary Red.

And so: more men are wearing them than ever before.

And yet their currency remains

And they are not becoming less valuable.

And whether they were ever trendy

Is a point now moot.

Because they are with us. Forever.




42 year old male professional,
Rational, mature, has faith in science
Seeks warm blanket
(A tartan one with the little tassels on it)
To hide under
And draw up to his chin
To avert the goosebumps
And the chill
From this horror movie

which has demonic entities in it